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You don’t have to sacrifice quality because you require a custom filter size! If you cannot find the replacement air filter size that your HVAC system requires, we can build the exact size air filter you need! You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars having your HVAC system re-engineered to accommodate standard sizes. Our affordable prices allow you to change your filter when you need to, instead of worrying about how much they cost to have made. Our custom-made MERV13 air filters start at only about twelve dollars!
All of our custom air filters are made in our own manufacturing plant right here in the USA!
Please see our measuring guide for assistance in choosing the right custom air filter size for your application. Remember; you can measure twice but we can only cut once!
If you require a size that is not available in the menu below, please contact us or call 1-855-237-1673 for assistance with your custom filter order!
You are about to order a custom-sized replacement air filter, made specifically for you.
Custom replacement air filters cannot be returned or exchanged.

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