10 x 30 x 1 MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter

$53.94 – subscription plans available

$8.99/each (6-pack)

Exact size: 9-1/2″ x 29-1/2″ x 3/4″

New six-pack of MERV 8 10x30x1 pleated air filters.

Made in the USA.

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These MERV 8 10x30x1 pleated filters come in a convenient case of 6. This rating provides your HVAC system with great protection from dust and debris. In addition to that, you can capture particulate matter at the 1 micron level. This will include allergens such as dust mites and their debris, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen. This is a great all-around filter for those that just want to do a good job of maintaining their equipment, keeping dust under control, and lowering the level of allergens that are floating in the air. You can achieve a higher level of protection by increasing your MERV rating. We offer MERV 11 and MERV 13 for those with advanced needs.

One of the most common subjects about air filters is how often they should be changed. Although 90 days is the standard time that a 1-inch pleated filter should be used, it can vary depending on your particular environment or even your own preferences about the schedule you feel comfortable with. Some customers insist on changing them every month and that is just fine for them as that is a schedule they are accustomed to maintaining. Others will stick to the 90-day rule, but might actually need to change their filters a little sooner. We simply recommend 90 days unless you keep a very full and busy home with several pets and children or if you live in a more urban setting with a higher level of surrounding traffic. Depending on what you decide, why don’t you sign up for our Filter Change Reminders and let us know when you would like a friendly reminder to change or reorder your filters!

As with all of our orders shipped within the contiguous USA, you can enjoy FREE Fed Ex Ground shipping right to your door! We hope you will be pleased with your filters made by our family company in Belton, MO USA!

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