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Are Air Purifiers For Viruses Really Effective?

Air purifiers for viruses

Do you wish you could guarantee that the air in your home is completely virus-free, but you can’t find out how if you try? We’ve figured it out. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised new levels of public awareness about airborne viruses, and as a result, many individuals, from parents to school administrators to business managers, are looking for ways to keep their indoor air virus-free. 

As homes and other enclosed places have become breeding grounds for diseases beyond COVID, like the common cold and flu, air filtration systems have become a viable option for reducing the spread of these pathogens through the air. air

The issue is that not all HVAC systems effectively control the transmission of airborne viruses within a building. Some of them may be able to cut down on dust and other allergens, but they won’t do much to combat the likes of viruses, molds, and germs. Is it necessary, then, to have virus-specific air purifiers installed? Keep reading to find out!

Is it True That Air Purifiers Effectively Remove Viruses From The Air? 

The answer can be both yes and no, because of the method of air purification.  All purifiers are made in different ways, some can remove airborne and some cannot. The elimination of viruses by an air purifier is technology-dependent. 

Air purifiers based on filters are ineffective against viruses, however, hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet light can kill those in the air. 

Isn’t a viral air filter adequate protection for you and your home? For a very basic reason. The tiny holes in an air filter act like a net, catching any airborne pollutants that happen to pass through. Standard HVAC air filters can trap particles as small as dog hair and as large as dust and other reasonably significant stuff. Viruses and other microorganisms, however, can get away. 

Another issue is that these filters quickly become clogged with the air contaminants they capture, necessitating constant replacement to maintain efficiency. Filter-based air purifiers are ineffective at eliminating viruses because of the following issues. However, there are alternative methods that can effectively eliminate viruses from a building’s air.

Overview of Virus and Bacteria-Removing Air Purifiers 

Unlike Air filter systems, which only capture big, floating particles, germ-eradicating solutions can actually remove biological pathogens from the air and “kill” them. Systems that employ ultraviolet light or hydrogen peroxide to clear the air are your only real options if you want to get rid of airborne infections.

Air purifiers that employ UV light or hydrogen peroxide to kill airborne contaminants like mould, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and even viruses can help you and your area stay healthy. 

However, not all systems are made equal, and UV solutions call for more frequent upkeep than hydrogen peroxide ones. It’s important to remember that a lighting-based system will require more electricity to operate, which could lead to higher monthly costs.

Is there a virus-specific air purifier that works the best?

Hydrogen peroxide air purification systems are effective at removing contaminants from the air and killing airborne viruses without breaking the budget. Hydrogen peroxide, a chemical used in a wide variety of products from wound cleansers to toothpaste, is extremely effective at reducing the number of airborne germs when used in very dilute solutions. It’s the more practical option because of its low energy needs (less than 1W). 

Hydrogen peroxide systems, in contrast to ultraviolet (UV) systems, are essentially a one-time investment that requires next to no upkeep beyond the initial purchase and the occasional replacement of bulbs.

Airborne viruses, bacteria, and other biological diseases are easily removed by the best US Homefilter products. The air purifier that relies on hydrogen peroxide uses a proprietary technique that converts the water molecules already present in the air into hydrogen peroxide, killing any bacteria or viruses that may be present.

US Homefilter has been shown in lab testing to eradicate 99.998% of the COVID-19 virus. It has been shown to reduce COVID-19 and other indoor viral loads by up to 99%, as well as moulds, bacteria, and other viruses. It also manufactures custom air filters according to your surroundings. 

US Homefilter, being a plug-and-play technology, may be easily integrated with the building’s current best HVAC system. US Homefilter is a truly no-hassle, hands-off solution that doesn’t need frequent, costly maintenance. 

Get in contact if you have any questions regarding the safety provided by our hydrogen peroxide air purifier or any other air conditioning system and how it may be installed in your home or office. Feel free to ask your queries to the US air filter system team. 

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Why It’s Wise to Buy Air Purifiers For Homes and Offices

air purifier

Are you planning to buy an air purifier? Are you confused about whether you should purchase it or not? Why do you need one anyway? Sometimes opening your window will simply not work for getting you the fresh air you may require. It might even be possible that it’s fire season, or you’re living near a workshop, or it’s simply just too cold outside – so in such cases you would love to “suffocate” instead of opening up the window. But with air purifiers are available, there’s really no need to suffocate in such situations.

If you do proper air quality measurements, you will find that the air quality inside of your house will be way better when compared to the air quality outside of your home. This is really the power of air filters and air purifiers.

The HEPA filter is the best choice if you are searching for a portable air purifier. You will only require a good quality fan that blows air towards the HEPA filter. This custom air filter will capture all the particles and debris from the air and will provide you with the best quality air inside your of your indoor environment.

Why Air Purifiers Are Worth The Money

1. They Get Rid of Dust –

If you are suffering from outside dust then an air purifier is your best option. It fights dust, pollen, dust mites pet hair and many other small particles from flowing in the air very strongly. The powerfulness of the air purifier is completely dependent on the air filter. So, check the air filter first when you are going to purchase any air purifier.

Some of the air purifiers make use of an ionizer that releases negative ion particles into the air. This helps the air purifier to trap debris better onto the filters. Actually, this type of air purifier also produces a good amount of ozone which is safe and not harmful to your health, but the air purifier should be CARB-certified.

2 Air Purifiers Keep You Safe From Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Air purifies has capabilities to remove allergens and pollutants from the air. And if you purchase a high-quality purifier with a HEPA filter, then it can remove particles as small as 0.03 microns.

If you are buying the air purifier to make the air quality better inside your home, then you are making a wise decision because it can fight against dust particles, pollen, mold, pet dander, and different other particles that can be the causes of serious allergies.

3. Air Purifiers Make Your Home Odor Free

Every house contains odors due to cooking smells, pet odors, mold, smoke or cigarette and many other things, especially human beings!. In such conditions, an air purifier plays a crucial role by eliminating odors and leaving only clean smelling, quality air. In cases of high pollution, it will decrease the unpleasant odors associated.

No matter how much you love to cook, sometimes the smells of cooking spread all over the kitchen, as well as other parts of your home. If adequate ventilation is not available, then go with an air purifier. They really help you get rid of unwanted kitchen smells and odors.

Also, while purchasing the air purifier for your kitchen keep two things in mind. First, choose the activated charcoal filter and secondly, the coverage of the purifier must cover the size of your kitchen.

4. Air Purifier Fight Pet Odors

Air purifiers are not only recommended to fight against pet odors, but you will be amazed by knowing the capacity of the air purifier for collecting pet hair in a very short period of time.

Check your requirements first – if you are looking for an appliance to get rid of pet hair, then you should buy an air purifier with a high-capacity motor and whose air inlets are bigger in size that can remove the hair easily.

Sometimes a guest at your home doesn’t feel good due to pet odors and, generally, people have to keep the pet outside to get rid of odors. But if you have an air purifier then just shift your guest to that room and keep the pet separated in another room. Once you start the air purifier, it will give fresh and high-quality air without any types of smells or odors.

5. Decrease the Amount of Harmful Airborne Toxins 

We are surrounded by many household appliances that actually may release toxic particles into the air. We also clean the house using a number of chemical cleaners. Some of them also release harmful substances into the air and that also have the capacity to harm our health.

Additionally, the new paint of the home, parquet or wooden furniture, consist of certain chemical odors that may actually stay in the walls of your home. In such conditions, air purifiers can play a crucial role to help you neutralize these odors.

6. Air Purifiers Give Tough Fights to VOCs (VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS)

Some of the toxic and harmful airborne particles are very dangerous as well to exposed body parts such as your skin and eyes.

To fight against such conditions and save yourself and family members from inhaling such harmful substances, a general air purifier will not work. You need to choose an advanced device that consists of an activated carbon filter that can absorb the VOC particles.

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