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Humidifier Season Is Here

Humidifier PadDid you even know there was a humidifier season? It occurs during the driest months of the year, which is October through March (for most of us). Humidifiers and humidifier pads, also known as humidifier filters, can be very beneficial during the cold, dry, fall and winter months. While our heaters are working hard to keep us warm, air filters and furnace filters clean contaminants from indoor air. Adding a humidifier unit to these elements will make your environment even more enjoyable when cold weather settles in.

Do You Need a Humidifier?

As the weather transitions from fall to winter, the air becomes increasingly cold and harsh. Heaters are being run constantly to keep us warm, but they are also depleting the moisture from the indoor air. This can cause many individuals' discomfort as excessively dry air can result in a number of issues. The signs that your indoor air is too dry are:

  • Dry, irritated skin, eyes, nose, and/or throat
  • Inflammation of respiratory tract increasing risk of cold, flu, and infection
  • Increased static electricity - flyaway hair, clingy clothes, getting shocked
  • Brittle, warped, cracked wood surfaces, gaps or creaking in floors, loosened furniture joints or window frames

Benefits of Humidified Air

Luckily, these dry-air side effects are not ones you have to put up with. Increasing the level of humidity in your home can provide a significant amount of relief. What can you expect when moisture is added to your air?

  • Soft, supple skin
  • Relief from nasal passage and throat dryness
  • Less risk of sickness and infection
  • Improved healing times
  • Reduction in static electricity
  • Wood surfaces and flooring protection

Humidifier Types

There are two main categories of humidifiers: whole-house and stand-alone. Both perform the same function of adding moister to the air to increase humidity levels. 

Whole house: These humidifiers are installed in line with your heating system. They disperse moisture into the air in your home through the air vents during heating cycles.  

Stand-alone: As their name implies, these humidifiers are separate from the HVAC system. They come in various sizes, a tabletop unit for use in certain rooms, and larger console units that humidify larger areas in your home.  

No matter the type of humidifier, they all require a humidifier pad. The humidifier pad (or humidifier filter) is responsible for helping the HVAC unit distribute moisture evenly into your home's air. They can also be called wick filters or evaporator pads. Humidifier pads should be changed every 2-3 months, or at minimum once per season.

The Ideal Humidity Level

During the winter season, humidity levels in the home should be between 30-40%, varying based on the outdoor temperature. Humidity levels that are too high will result in condensation on your windows and facilitate the growth of moisture. This also provides the ideal living environment that dust mites thrive in. On the flip side, humidity levels that are too far below the recommended range will cause dry air effects such as itchy skin and irritated airways. Humidity levels are easily monitored with a hygrometer, found at home improvement stores and are relatively inexpensive.

Don't Suffer This Winter - Try a Humidifier!

Humidity is simply the level of moisture in the air. Utilizing a humidifier increases the level of indoor humidity, decreasing the level of dryness in the air. As noted above, there are many immediate improvements that come from the use of a humidifier. A stand-alone unit is less expensive and easier to set up than a whole house humidifier. If you're unsure about committing to a whole house unit, a stand-alone unit is the way to start enjoying the results immediately!

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