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Link Between Blood Types Particulate Matter And Air Filters

We all know about air pollution and its harmful effects on our health. We also know how exposure to air contaminants can be dangerous to our health and how to limit such exposure by using air filters. Ongoing research on the effects of air pollutants on health has nationally raised people’s awareness of air pollution and the related health issues associated. Yet recent research has also concluded that the health risks due to air pollution might actually be higher in a certain group of individuals due to their blood type!

Precisely speaking, the blood type "pumping through your heart" may actually increase or decrease the probability of your developing cardiac problems when exposed to high levels of air contaminants or pollutants. There's now documentation of the impact that low indoor air quality in individuals with certain blood types increases their risks of heart attack due to the increased pollution in the air that they breathed. So which blood type that people have needs air filters the most? 

The Study Found a Gene To Be Responsible

The researchers discovered that a certain type of gene is found in A, B, and AB blood types, known as the ABO gene. People carrying this gene have an elevated risk of cardiac arrest when exposed to airborne contaminants and air pollutants.

On the other hand, people with O blood type have shown much less vulnerability to cardiac issues when exposed to air pollution.

On learning about this study, Benjamin Horne (Clinical epidemiologist at Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute) and his team of experts tried to explore whether a specific variant of the ABO gene is responsible for the increase  in cardiac issues due to poor air quality. In an attempt to get accurate results, Horne and his team thoroughly examined the patient records of Intermountain Healthcare patients admitted between the years 1993 through 2007.

After a thorough examination, the team pointed out that a certain group of individuals experienced Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)
after being exposed to higher levels of PM2.5 for a short period of time. PM2.5 are tiny, minute Particulate Matter (PM) having a diameter of 2.5 microns or less.

On cross-examining the data, the research revealed that patients with ABO blood type were the people who have an increased risk of heart problems when exposed to PM2.5.

Negative Effects Of Particulate Matter On Indoor Air Quality

Particulate Matter (PM) can be understood as solid particles or liquid droplets that are so tiny that they easily pass through the airstream.

The PMs, which are large in size, can be seen under the rays of sunlight as dust-like particles. Our body is capable enough to manage and defend against these types of particles. The main issue arises when the size of PM is below 2.5. Those are the PMs that result in the degradation of your indoor air quality. The reason behind this is that these minute particles are so small that they even infiltrate the smallest alveoli of the lungs. From there they can enter into the bloodstream and get circulated throughout the body to reach our vital body organs such as the heart, brain, liver, etc., even affecting our entire immune systems.

Where Does the Particulate Matter Come From?

Usually, Particulate Matter comes from factories, power generation facilities, pollution from vehicles, and other outdoor sources. Additionally, some of the indoor sources responsible for its production are the typical combustion activities such as cooking, lighting, and heating.

Infants, children, as well as the sick and elderly, are the ones who are most affected by even the traces of PMs. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) have issued guidelines regarding the recommended level of air quality.

Role Of High-Efficiency Air Filters In Protection From PM2.5

It is noteworthy that although non-O blood types are more susceptible to the concentrations of PM2.5, even the O types are still prone to the possible health risks to some extent. The point of danger for everyone is when PM2.5 crosses the threshold limit of 25μg per cubic meter of air. In such a situation, the most effective protection is using high-efficiency air filters
, air purifiers, and appropriate custom air filters.

If we look at the research data, the risk for people with non-O blood types increases by approximately twenty-five percent (25%) on every rise of 10μg of PM2.5 per cubic meter. In comparison to this, O-blood types are a bit less susceptible to health problems as in their case; the risk goes up by only ten percent (10%).

It's noteworthy that even after having a gap of 15% in the risk level, the difference becomes almost negligible in persons with underlying medical conditions and advanced age. For instance, if a person with O blood type is suffering from an asthmatic condition as an example, then he is also prone to being a higher risk candidate for developing cardiac issues when exposed to polluted air.

The whole aim of discussing this research is not to create panic in people’s minds, but to encourage taking precautionary streps and actions , such as using a high-efficiency air filter, improving your home & office's indoor air quality, and taking any medications on time properly.

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