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How To Keep Your Home Comfortable During Quarantine

We're all "stuck" inside more these days and with that, we need to make sure our home is as comfortable as possible. It's tough spending this much time inside and not being able to socialize like we're used to, but it is essential to make sure we keep ourselves, family and friends safe and healthy. Here are a few tips you can use to keep your home safe and comfortable during this time of quarantine while we're spending more and more time inside.

Home Comfort Quarantine Tips

quarantine tips to keep your home comfortable

Consider installing a bidet.

It's the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. TP is hard to find anywhere! The good news is, there are other options - one of them being adding bidet on your home toilets. Although not exactly main stream in the United States, bidets are the norm in other countries. They are hygienic and reduce or even eliminate the need for toilet paper - this is essential when there are multiple people home all day during a quarantine! The other good news is that there are multiple options. You can have a bidet installed by a plumber, or there are bidet attachments you can add to your toilets yourself. They come in a wide variety of types and price points and use very little water. Just look at all of the bidet options on Amazon!

Clean and disinfect regularly.

It's important to realize that there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes germs and/or dirt from surfaces, wiping away pathogens but not killing them. This includes things like dusting, vacuuming, mopping and wiping countertops. While cleaning still lowers the spread of infection, disinfection is the next essential step. Disinfection is the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces via the use of CDC-approved, EPA-registered disinfectants such as Clorox bleach, Lysol sprays and toilet bowl cleaners, and Purell disinfectant wipes. It is important to disinfect surfaces that have greater amounts of contact such as doorknobs, light switches, remotes, phones, desks, chairs, sinks, handles and toilets.

Let fresh air and sunlight in.

When you find yourself inside more, like during a quarantine, ventilation is critical. Get fresh air circulating throughout your house. Open doors and windows as much as possible. Higher ventilation is key in reducing the risk of viruses. Vitamin D from sunlight also plays a critical role. It aids in the body's ability to absorb calcium from the gut, maintains bone health, brain function, a strong immune system and reduces inflammation. Studies have also shown that low levels of Vitamin D are associated with higher risk of respiratory diseases like COPD and asthma and is also linked to decreased lung function. Vitamin D is produced in the skin by exposing the body to just 10-15 minutes per day of sun. If you can't get outside or have limited access to the sun, eating foods like oily fish, eggs, vitamin D fortified cereals or dairy products and a taking a daily 400 IU vitamin D supplement can help prevent a deficiency.

Invest in UV light air purification.

Another option to protect your home from viruses and other germs, not only during a quarantine but always, is to add a UV light air purification to your home. A UV light air purification system usually combines a traditional filter with a UV lamp. A traditional HVAC or furnace filter’s main purpose is to trap dust and other particles from the air, not allowing them back into the air you breathe. When you combine a traditional with a UV lamp, both the removal of particulate matter from the air and the killing of germs and bacteria is maximized.

UV light air purification is by no means a replacement for the regular disinfection in a home or office. However, when used in conjunction with traditional cleaning methods, UV light air purification enhances any system in place that reduces the spread of diseases.

Change your filters monthly.

All the air that circulates through your HVAC system, to heat or cool your home, will eventually pass through the air filter. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your air filters clean and change them regularly. Dirty, clogged air filters can:

  • Cause HVAC system malfunctions and equipment damage.
  • Reduce airflow inside the HVAC system, making the fans work harder and wear out quicker.
  • NOT remove particulates and contaminants as effectively as they should, therefore releasing these back into your indoor air (the air that you and your family breathe).
  • Cause contaminates to build up in your duct work.
  • Cause the HVAC equipment to work harder, increasing your home’s energy usage and your monthly electric bill payments.

Air filters should be checked at least once a month. If they are dirty, change them out with a fresh clean air filter. To check if your air filter is dirty, remove it from the air filter and hold it up to a light source. If you can’t see the light through the filter, then it’s time for it to be changed.

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