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Top Reasons To Use Humidifiers

humidifiersDuring this winter season, the air has become increasingly cold and harsh. Running the heat keeps us warm, but it also depletes the moisture from indoor air. This can cause many individuals’ discomfort as excessively dry air can result in dry skin, irritated eyes, nose, and/or throat, respiratory tract inflammation increasing risk of cold, flu, and infection, static electricity – flyaway hair, clingy clothes, getting shocked, brittle, warped, cracked wood surfaces, gaps or creaking in floors, loosened furniture joints or window frames. Humidifiers are invaluable during this cold, dry season. They increase indoor comfort, soothe dry skin, and can even reduce your heating costs! On top of that, humidifiers have another important purpose: keeping you healthy. If you aren't using a humidifier already, here are the main reasons you should start right now.

Humidifiers Help Stop the Spread of Flu and Other Viruses

Germs and viruses, including the flu and COVID-19, survive and spread in dry air conditions. Keeping your indoor humidity level in the appropriate range means these germs are less able to survive and be passed to those around you. A2013 study reported that the ability of airborne viruses to cause infections was significantly reduced in indoor areas with humidity levels 43% or above. In low humidity environments, 70-77% of viruses retained their infectious nature, and that number decreased to only 14% when the humidity was increased to 43%+. This was also confirmed in another study completed in 2009 that resulted in the same conclusion: humidity decreases the transmission of the influenza virus.

Humidifiers Help You Breathe

The flu, runny nose, cough and congestion, and sore throats often make breathing seem difficult in dry conditions. Humidifiers add the moisture back into the air you breathe moisturizing your nasal, throat, and lung passages, letting air pass through easier. Whenever you or a family member are sick, run a warm mist humidifier to soothe symptoms and for increased comfort.

Humidifiers Help You Recover Faster

Since humidifiers make your indoor environment more comfortable, they allow you to relax and fight off whatever germs/viruses faster. Dry air also plays a role in snoring which increases with dry sinuses and throats. Humidifiers put that moisture we need back into the air to soothe throats and sinuses. They also make your house feel warmer and more comfortable, encouraging a good night's rest.

Humidifiers Help Prevent Future Illness

Our noses are equipped with cilia which are tiny hairs inside the nasal canals. Cilia protects the nasal and respiratory passages from bacteria, germs, dust, and other foreign particles which, if let through, can possibly trigger illness. When nasal passages are dry, the cilia can't do their job effectively. Humidifiers ensure your nasal airways stay moist and help these tiny hairs continue to do their job of warding off germs and bacteria.

Don’t Suffer This Winter – Try a Humidifier!

Humidity is simply the level of moisture in the air. Utilizing a humidifier increases the level of indoor humidity, decreasing the level of dryness in the air. As noted above, there are many immediate improvements that come from the use of a humidifier. A stand-alone unit is less expensive and easier to set up than a whole house humidifier. If you’re unsure about committing to a whole house unit, a stand-alone unit is the way to start enjoying the results immediately!

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