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Why Is HVAC Preventative Maintenance Important?

Maintaining your home HVAC system will ensure consistent, reliable performance and comfort for many years. To prevent malfunctions and breakdowns, especially during the peak of the heating or cooling seasons, preventive HVAC maintenance should be performed at least annually whether you use a furnace, central air conditioner, or heat pump. 

Maintaining your HVAC system preventatively is equally important for your business. A defective heating or cooling system in a commercial building can bring with it anything from minor inconveniences to total disasters. The least that can happen is that the employees and customers will suffer discomfort. At worst, a malfunctioning HVAC system could cause spoiled goods, frozen water pipes, flooding, and result in major facility damage and costs. Plus the costs of replacing your unit.

In order to avoid these problems and make sure that your heating and cooling system is functioning optimally, contact your nearby HVAC service provider and arrange for a preventative maintenance inspection. It's best to schedule preventive maintenance every year. If you have a cooling system, its preferable to schedule the maintenance in the spring. If you have a heating system, schedule maintenance in the fall.

Pre-season maintenance gives you ample time to perform any repairs before a major weather change, including a number of other advantages like:

Improved Performance

Almost immediately after the first use, your equipment begins to wear out. As moving parts wear out, they break. Belts may crack. Bearings may require lubrication. If you deal with frail parts before seasonal use, you will avoid the frustration and expense of a mid-summer or mid-winter malfunction.

Compressors can suffer serious problems due to certain issues. You may experience freezing coils due to both low refrigerant levels and/or dirty coils. If this issue isn't handled in a timely manner, permanent damage may result. During the summer months, each of these problems can contribute to higher cooling bills. A little maintenance can save money while maintaining a comfortable house. Its important, sometimes requiring the help of experts, to ensure that your system functions properly.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Having a properly functioning HVAC system will keep your home's air quality high. HVAC systems filter out air pollutants to ensure that you and your family breathe clean air. Although you may not think that the danger exists indoors, the EPA estimates that indoor pollution levels typically exceed pollution levels outdoors by two to five times. It takes a lot of effort for your HVAC system to filter out allergens and pollutants, so the more efficient the system, the better your air quality will be.

US Home Filter recommends an air quality assessment for an in-depth analysis of what influences your household's air quality. There are several equipment options available to properly control mold and improve indoor air quality. These include UV lights to destroy bacteria and mold growing on your coils, dehumidifiers to keep your house dry, and air purification systems to filter out mold spores, volatile chemicals, and pathogens. 

Energy Usage Concerns

A tune-up is a great time to talk to an expert about your high energy bills. A home maintenance service can improve its performance, but there are additional reasons why costs are high, and comfort levels are low. Your technician may suggest some changes to help you reduce costs and improve your comfort. It can be difficult to heat and cool a multi-level home efficiently. This can be solved with zoning systems. If your system is not sized properly, then your home will suffer. Hence, you can count on us to give an overview of such issues as well as relevant solutions. Call US Home Filter to arrange your tune-up today.

Reducing the Cost of Repairs

Maintaining an air conditioner regularly avoids the need for urgent repairs. In preventive maintenance, a skilled HVAC technician can often identify potential problems before they turn into costly ones. It is much more affordable to repair many malfunctions or normal wear and tear when detected early. If you do not regularly service your HVAC system, small issues can quickly become large ones. Many people don't call an HVAC technician until their system fails, which can be an expensive fix. To detect and fix problem areas early before they become a system failure is just one of the many reasons for system maintenance.

Increased Safety

The primary reason you should maintain your home is to make it safer for you and your family. HVAC maintenance will keep you and your family from becoming poisoned by carbon monoxide. There is a good possibility your technician will check for carbon monoxide leaks, which can be deadly for you and your family. Maintenance can also help prevent malfunctions in the most extreme weather conditions. When you travel for the holidays, for instance, you don't want to worry if freezing temperatures will damage your home's heating system. There is no one who wants to return home to burst pipes from a frozen pipe or any other disaster like that. So, don’t overlook it ever.

Extension of Your HVAC System Life

With regular maintenance, you can keep the system running longer and avoid costly system replacements. Just as having regular checkups with a medical professional is important for your health, HVAC maintenance is also essential. If you invest in a new HVAC system, you would like it to last as long as possible. Regularly maintaining your HVAC System can extend its lifespan.

Financial Savings

Your well-maintained system will use less electricity. This will save you money. You might save money if you catch an issue before it becomes a costly repair, or maybe you can use your system for several more years without having to replace it. In addition to saving money on repairs, you'll prevent costly medical treatment for matters such as carbon monoxide and allergens. All the reasons for maintenance will improve your bottom line. The small investment you make in HVAC maintenance will save you money in other areas, including maintenance, repair, and utility costs. 

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