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How Clean Air Filters Save You Money

dirty air filters vs clean air filtersAir filters may seem like a bit of an investment, especially when some can cost upwards of $20 each. A lot of times, when we purchase higher priced items, we expect them to last longer. The general recommendation is to change your HVAC filter at least once every 3 months, which can equate to anywhere from $40-$80 per year, per HVAC unit in your home. But can clean air filters actually result in saving money? The answer is yes, and here's why.

Clean Air Filters = Energy Savings

The Department of Energy reports that replacing dirty filters with clean air filters can reduce your energy consumption up to 15%. When you take that and combine it with the fact that your heating and cooling system is responsible for nearly half your energy usage, you could potential save 7.5% each month.

This means that if your energy bill is $100/month, you could save $7.50 on each monthly bill just by changing your air filter! Is your energy bill in the $200, $300, $400 range? You're looking at even more savings - upwards of $30 every month. So, is it worth regularly maintaining your HVAC system with clean air filters? In this scenario, yes, but there are ways it saves you money as well.

Clean Air Filters and HVAC System Health

Think of your HVAC system as the virtual lungs of your home, working to filter out dust and debris from the air you breathe. Just as when our lungs aren't able to do their job when in poor health, clogged air filters aren't able to either and become the leading cause of heating and cooling system problems.

Dirty air filters put strain on your HVAC system and end up using more energy to cool or heat your home. Just like you change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles to keep your car running smoothly, regularly changing your home's air filters is your first line of defense in protecting your HVAC system.

If your furnace is working harder, the more likely it is to break down or need repairs. HVAC repairs can be very costly, especially if you end up needed a whole new system. Major component repair can cost anywhere between $300 and $700, if not more, with a new unit running close to $4,000. So, think of it like this - by spending $40-$80 per month and changing your air filters regularly, you are saving money on energy bills and preventing an even more costly breakdown to your HVAC system.

US Home Filter Carries AC Filters to Fit All HVAC Units

No matter which HVAC system you have, every unit needs a quality filter that fits properly in order to keep your indoor air quality clean, your unit running at its maximum efficiency, and your energy costs down. US Home Filter can supply you with the best and most efficient HVAC filter available! Changing the filter is as important as changing the oil in your car and US Home Filter makes filters that fit all AC/HVAC units. From standard to custom air filters, to whole-house filters, grille filters and humidifier filters, we have all of your filter needs covered!

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Selecting the filters that are just right for your home can be difficult and confusing at times. At US Home Filter we understand this, which is why we offer an experienced staff to help answer any questions you may have. For personal assistance with your air filter needs, please contact us now online or call us at (855) 237-1673 and we will do our very best to assist you in selecting the right filter for your individual needs. We want to earn your business and we guarantee your satisfaction! Take advantage of our quality products, vast selection, low prices, and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on every air filter order within the Contiguous USA.

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