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Why Choose Custom Air Furnace Filters

Air filters keep atmospheric dust and other airborne particles from surface buildup on heating and cooling system's fan motor, coil and drip pans.  Without clean air filters, a furnace or air conditioning system cannot operate properly and leads to costly repairs and replacements.  It is imperative to maintain air filters by checking them regularly and ensuring they fit properly to your system. This is where custom air filters can be extremely beneficial. You want the air to move through the filter, not around it so it is important for the filter to fit the air return.  At US Home Filter, we can walk you through a step by step process to determine the appropriate air filter dimensions for your heating and cooling system and deliver your custom air furnace filters straight to your door.

Once you have determined the size of the filter you need, it is important to change your custom air furnace filter on a regular basis.  This will allow a constant flow of clean air into your home to help avoid respiratory difficulties, allergies, and illness keeping your family safe and comfortable.  It will also allow your system to work efficiently increasing its performance and longevity and decreasing energy bills.

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