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Continuing the traditon
Continuing the traditon

From our current location, we operate our wholesale and online divisions, providing air filters to hundreds of suppliers, schools and government facilities in the Midwest region as well as home owners and small businesses nationwide through our online sales.  We are proud to stand behind our products that are ALL made right here in the middle of the USA.

Continued growth and expansion

In 2006 a new production facility was added to accommodate an increased volume from national online sales and the local commercial and wholesale accounts.

The age of the Internet

In 2004 Midwest Supply quickly realized the need for a website and introduced to the world where air filters of all shapes and sizes could be purchased from the comfort of your home and shipped directly to you.

Increased Success
Increased Success

After increased success in the air filtration market, a new location was built to accommodate the space required to stock a large inventory.  The business name is also changed once more to its current name Midwest Supply Inc.

Ownership again transfers

After the passing of Robert Waugh the company is run by the family before Robert’s son Steve Waugh (the current owner) takes over the company.  During this time the company felt it should diversify and purchased a filtration company.  The business is renamed to Midwest Parmac.

Benjamin Waugh passes
Benjamin Waugh passes

Ownership of the company is transferred to his son, Robert Waugh (pictured far right) upon the passing of his father Benjamin.

A new location
A new location

In 1952 Midwest moved to the Crossroads District of Kansas City, MO.  This location was later affected by a flood in the early 1970’s but survived.

Buildings destroyed
Buildings destroyed

After two separate buildings had been destroyed by two different disasters Midwest decided it was time for a new location.

The Midwest company is founded

In 1929 Benjamin Waugh founded Midwest Creamery & Dairy Supply Company.