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HEPA filter

A Complete Guide To HEPA Filter & Its Cleaning

Many people  ask  the question “Can I wash a HEPA filter?” Plus if they do take a chance to wash this filter, another question arises, “Will it decrease the air efficiency if we wash our HEPA filters?” So here we have brought the complete information about the HEPA filter and its cleaning that will surely clear your doubts and hopefully answer any questions that you may have on HEPA filters..

Generally, HEPA filters are used to remove small unwanted particles like dust, allergens and mold spores from the incoming air. Yet, as with any AC filters, if these filters are clogged with debris and dirt, then they will lose their effectiveness. These types of filters are generally used in vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and HVAC systems. If you're considering replacing your complete system, then it obviously may be a major expense. That’s why cleaning the HEPA air filter regularly is a good option, plus if this custom air filter is not working properly, you can easily replace it.

The cleaning process for a HEPA filter is not really as easy as it may look. Below we will discuss the different types of HEPA filters and whether we should clean them or not. If they can be cleaned, then we'll try to describe the best & safest methods to clean them properly.


There are plenty of materials used to manufacture HEPA filters such as coarse glass fibers, coated animal hair, vegetable fibers, synthetic fibers, synthetic foams, metallic wools, or expanded metals and foils. To create paper-like sheets, these fibers are tangled together with each other. To make the surface area bigger, these sheets are pleated properly and then they are mounted onto a frame. This frame is made of of materials like cardboard, plastic, wood or metal. Some manufacturers also add a pre-filter that is used to screen out larger particles.


Initially HEPA filters were only used in research and industrial facilities. These filters were initially developed to eliminate radioactive particles from the air in nuclear testing labs. But today, these filters are used in many consumer products such as,


The first question you should ask yourself, is whether I should clean the HEPA filter or not? To start finding your answer, begin by checking the label on the filter. If the filter label does not contain a term like “Washable” or “Permanent”, then never attempt to clean it. There are plenty of things you can do, like tap excess dust off, rinse the filter in water, or remove some dust with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Yet still, this might damage the mesh of fibers. In the end this damaged fiber will not work properly to remove particles from the air in your home.

Few custom-sized AC filters come with an appropriate label like Washable or Permanent. In such cases, you can easily wash or clean this filters without damaging them and they will still work. However, there is no appropriate standards for washable HEPA filters, and there is also a lack of any proof that after cleaning these filters that hey will work properly. It might be possible that at the time of manufacturing, the manufacturer has used a method of making filter fiber that will be not damaged by cleaning, but there is no accurate way to ensure this.


As discussed earlier, the cleaning of the HEPA filter might cause damage to the fibers that help the filters to stop the debris and small unwanted particles. But still, if the manufacturers give you surety or if you are 100% sure that by cleaning the HEPA filter, it will not be damaged, there are many additional reasons that cleaning the HEPA filter may not be a good idea.

Cleaning a HEPA filter is not a clean job at all. You have to take the filter outside to clean it properly, otherwise it will make the area inside dirty with dirt and dust. To keep your home or business free from pollutants, the HEPA filter plays a crucial role. You should clean the filter outside of your home, otherwise the pollutants might go back into the air and may include the other microbial growth that has taken place on the filter. It might also be possible that you could inhale some of the pollutants from the filter.

If you take the HEPA filter outdoor to clean it properly, you should also know that you cannot use a vacuum cleaner to clean the HEPA filter. This is because the vacuum cleaner would also require to have a HEPA filter, or it will not be able to retain the particles from the dirty filter in the canister. It will throw all those particles into the air. And if you use a vacuum cleaner that already consists of a HEPA filter, then what you will use to clean that particular Vacuum cleaner's HEPA filter? So that’s the big challenge.

The first rule to cleaning the HEPA filter is to make it completely dry before using it. If you add the wet filter, then it could further allow mold to form on the filter surface. Generally, HEPA filters take a lot of time to get dry because they consist of a mesh of fibers. Keep in mind that the entire time while the filter is in the drying process, you will not be able to filter the air with your AC unit.

In conclusion, cleaning your HEPA filter is a hectic task and it consists of too many challenges. So, it’s often times better to simply purchase a new filter. US Home Filter is one of the leading filter providers of AC filters, where you can get different types of furnace filters and air filters at the most affordable cost. Contact us to get high quality and durable custom air filters.

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