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Common Home Heating Mistakes

Winter is upon us and many homes throughout the country, the heat is kicking on. When you hear that initial click and smell the "first use of the heater" scent, you may not be thinking about the cost of the heat - just that it's working. While you have no control over the cost of electricity, oil or natural gas, there are ways you can cut heating costs. The following are common home heating mistakes to avoid to keep your home warm and your energy bills down.

Mistakes to Avoid When Heating Your Home

common mistakes when heating your homeCranking Up the Thermostat

The temperature in your home has dropped significantly, so to heat it up faster you crank up the thermostat, right? Wrong. This puts excessive stress on the system and leads to higher energy bills. The best way to warm up your hose is to gradually increase the temperature so your system can run efficiently without stress. So grab those blankets and snuggle up while your heater does its thing.

Closing the Curtains

Sunlight isn't enough to heat your home entirely, but it does help reduce the work your furnace has to do to heat your home. Opening your curtains and blinds can do just enough to help your heater from having to run all day long. Sunny winter days are the perfect time to open your blinds/curtains to let the passive solar heating warm up your home as glass windows are great heat absorbers.

Using Space Heaters

According to the EIA, heating and cooling accounts for more than half a home energy usage. Therefore, you may think that running space heaters is a way to save money on heating costs. While this works in some cases, like heating one small room, if you're attempting to heat your entire house or a whole floor, it doesn't cut any costs. In fact, you'll end up seeing your energy bill rise as you're running multiple high-energy appliances at once. On top of that there are safety heaters account for over 40% of all heating equipment-related fires.

Closing Unused Vents

You may think that closing the vents in unused rooms will push the air to other rooms that need it. However, HVAC systems don't work that way. Your home's heating system and ducts are set up to spread even amounts of air to each area of your home. When this operational balance is disturbed, stress on the system increases, decreasing efficiency and can cause long term damage all together. Leave all vents open throughout your home no matter a room's usage or size.

Blaming the Heating Equipment for Problems

If you find your home is having problems reaching the right temperature, you may think that there is a problem with the heating equipment. Although this may be the case, it may also be structural problem with your home itself. If there are small cracks or gaps around your windows and doors, warm air is able to leak out. Letting leaks and drafts go unchecked can cause your HVAC system to be unable to heat your indoor air to the temperature you desire.

Delaying Regular Maintenance

You may think that if your system is running, it's working fine. However, just like the unseen issues under the hood of your car, your HVAC system's components may not be working correctly even though warm air is coming out of your vents. Skipping regular maintenance, such as changing your air filters, will cause your system to run less efficiently and can even lead to costly, major repairs in the future.

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