What Does Energy Efficiency Really Mean?

What Does Energy Efficiency Really Mean?As you’re shopping for new appliances or seeing commercials for them on TV, you probably see the term ‘energy efficiency’ a lot. From advertisements to product labels to promises of rebates or incentives, they all use the phrase; but do you know what it actually means to be energy efficient? According to BusinessDictonary, the definition of energy efficiency is “the percentage of total energy input to a machine or equipment that is consumed in useful work and not wasted as useless heat.” So in layman’s terms, something is more energy efficient if it uses the same amount of energy as a traditional type of the same product, but now it works better or lasts longer. It can also mean that it uses less energy than the traditional version, but still performs the same.

Basically, being energy efficient means using less energy but doing more, without the excessive waste. Let’s take the light bulb as an example. The traditional style of light bulbs wasted a lot of heat as they produced the light. Now, with energy-saving light bulbs, the same amount of light is created without the side-effect of excessive and wasted heat, therefore using less energy to produce the same amount of light. Voila – energy efficient!

This concept applies across all energy-saving appliances and products. An energy-efficient washing machine will wash your clothes just as well, if not better, using as much power or less than the older version, just as an energy efficient fridge still keeps your food fresh and cool using less energy than the older models did.

The term energy efficient can also be used in a broader sense. Take a building for example, instead of a single appliance or product. If one building uses the same amount of energy to create cool air as another building, the building that can stay cooler and retain more cool air, rather than only creating a small amount and losing it, is by definition the more energy efficient building.

Why Should We Be Energy Efficient?

Over the last few decades, energy consumption has extremely been steadily increasing. Our planet only has so much natural resources and, as we use those resources up, pollution contaminates the air we breathe and vital habitats are being destroyed. Becoming more energy efficient helps manage the growth of energy consumption, therefor limiting its growth rate. This all helps to safeguard our planet, saving natural habitats and ensuring that future generations have energy to use.

What is Energy Consumption?

Energy consumption is measured by looking at the amount of energy used up by a product, system or appliance. This can be measured by a person, a business or an entire country. Energy conservation means using less energy, very little energy, or even none at all. You can also estimate your home appliance and home electric energy use to see where you are using too much and what you can change to conserve energy. Energy.gov provides a calculator that does just this, allowing you to find the annual energy consumption of a product, as well as the cost to operate it.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

There are three main reasons energy efficiency is so very important and plays a vital role in our everyday lives.

  1. The Environment – As we use more energy, more carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere, depleting natural resources just as gas, coal and oil. By making sure we use energy as efficiently as possible, we reduce our dependence on these energy sources.
  2. The Economy – Oil and gas are two of the most important natural resources that our global economy is heavily based on. As these resources are used up and become scarcer and less available, while our reliance on them stays the same (or even increases), their cost increases resulting in both financial stress and energy deficiency in many areas of the world.
  3. Your Check Book – It’s not in anyone’s plans to pay more than necessary for necessities like water and heat, so to keep these costs down it is imperative to be energy efficient. The goal is to meet your energy needs, yet still pay as little as possible for that energy.

How Can You Be More Energy Efficient?

As with most things, becoming more energy efficient starts at home. Use the energy consumption calculator mentioned above for all of the electrical appliances in your home. Please note, however, that if you find something in your home isn’t energy efficient, it is NOT energy efficient to throw the product away and replace it immediately with a new energy efficient one. It is better to wait until they wear out and then replace them with new, energy-saving items.

Here are a few ways you can get started:

  • Use less electricity
    • Turn off appliances and lights not being used
    • Invest in rechargeable batteries
    • Shut your computer down when not in use
  • Switch to energy-saving light bulbs
    • These use up to 80% less electricity than traditional light bulbs and can last ten times longer
  • Cut down the cost of heating and cooling your home
    • Set your water heater to 120 degrees
    • Invest in a programmable thermostat
    • Set your AC to 78 degrees when you’re home and increase by 10-15 degrees when you’re away
    • Set your heat to 68 degrees when you’re home and lower by 5-10 degrees when you’re away
    • Insulate your roof and walls

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