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Ways To Save Money On Summer Cooling Costs

Ways To Save Money On Summer Cooling Costs

It's time to get your air conditioner ready for regular use once summer is almost here. But just because you're going to use your air conditioner every day doesn't mean your power costs have to skyrocket. Courtesy of our HVAC system professionals at US Home Filter, here are the top five strategies for reducing summer cooling expenses.

Our Top 5 Advice to Reduce Summer AC Costs:

Let Your AC to Run All Day: 

This may seem like the exact reverse of what you would do to cut cooling costs—allowing your AC to run continuously throughout the day, even when you are away from home. You won't need to turn your air conditioner all the way down when you arrive home from work if you leave it running steadily throughout the day. Your air filter system must work harder to cool the entire room when you turn on the AC at full blast, and the harder your air filter system works, the more expensive your cooling bills will be. Heat has built in your home all day, so when you turn on the AC, it must work harder to cool the entire space. Maintaining a constant temperature throughout the day will allow your air conditioner to function less efficiently and provide immediate comfort. Also, you can get the most out of this phase when you...

Increase the Thermostat Setting:

We acknowledge that this may seem counterintuitive. You would imagine that if it were hot outside, you would lower the thermostat setting. The only difference is that it is preferable to balance costs by actually raising your thermostat because you will already be using your air conditioner a lot during the summer. Your energy costs will stay consistent and you can enjoy regular temperatures throughout your home if you maintain the thermostat at 72 degrees. And the same is true in the winter, when it is wiser to lower your thermostat to balance the expense of running your furnace. Being able to modify thermostat settings is one wonderful aspect of the time period we are in. Modern, wireless thermostats are simple to set, and some of the newer versions will even figure out the perfect temperature for you.

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Learn How to Lock in Temperatures: 

According to the EPA, locking in temperatures throughout the home can help homeowners cut their cooling expenditures by up to 15%. The first step in doing this is to fill in conspicuous openings, weather-strip doors and windows, and fill up cracks and holes as much as you can. Maintenance of suitable insulation is also crucial. Simply by checking the insulation in your attic or elsewhere for damage and replacing it when it begins to deteriorate, you can ensure that the temperatures within your home remain consistent for many years to come. Last but not least, even simply making sure that windows are closed securely (and closing the blinds so that your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to counteract the sun's heat) will help to retain cold air inside your home, maintain a consistent temperature, and ensure the utmost summer comfort.

Setting up ceiling fans: 

When it comes to keeping your home cool and your energy expenditures down, ceiling fans may be a huge help, even if they may not seem like they would be particularly useful compared to an air conditioner running at full blast. The ceiling fan will assist in boosting airflow in whichever room it is positioned in by running your AC and the fan simultaneously. You save more money and get to enjoy lower temperatures because this relieves the pressure on your air conditioner, which makes it work less hard. A properly positioned ceiling fan may also enhance the aesthetics of any space, and if you live in a region of the country with milder summers or it gets cooler at night, a ceiling fan can completely replace your air conditioner.

Contact a technician without delay: 

Getting in touch with a professional as soon as possible if there is a problem with your air conditioner will help you avoid having to pay for costly repairs. We provide a variety of air conditioning services at US Home Filter so we can handle emergencies as soon as they arise. Also, with the help of our Heating and Cooling air filter Maintenance Plan, you can now get routine tune-ups to keep your air conditioner operating profitably and effectively for years to come.


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